Waking up in Shinjuku


Earlier this week I ventured out to Tokyo for a work conference.¬†Wanting to spend the morning wandering around Tokyo taking pictures, I opted to take the night bus from Fukui the night before, a decision I admittedly regret now¬†that I am fighting off a cold. But it was during those early hours that I got to snap a few shots of Shinjuku, just before the daily madness set in, so I can’t say that I completely regret it. For the sake of my apparently fragile body, however, next time I think I’ll just head down a day early instead.

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There and back again

I took the train out to Imajo the other day, and decided to film a bit of it so I could give Final Cut Pro a little bit of a spin. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much footage at my destination as I had originally intended, but I figured I would go ahead and make the video anyway because practice makes perfect, right? Also, you don’t see many videos about Fukui in general, so even if it’s basically just the scenery from the train, I thought it would be a nice way to show my current home to the world.

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