Oh, Omotesando


Omotesando has to be one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. There’s just something about the tree-lined streets, the high end stores, the architecture, the trendy cafes that gives the area a certain stylish atmosphere that I simply adore. Often I find myself fantasising about opening a small boutique or cafe, probably somewhere tucked away in the backstreets, and walking to work on mornings much like this one, or simply just running errands and soaking up the atmosphere on my days off. Oh, what a wonderful life that would be.

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Waking up in Shinjuku


Earlier this week I ventured out to Tokyo for a work conference. Wanting to spend the morning wandering around Tokyo taking pictures, I opted to take the night bus from Fukui the night before, a decision I admittedly regret now that I am fighting off a cold. But it was during those early hours that I got to snap a few shots of Shinjuku, just before the daily madness set in, so I can’t say that I completely regret it. For the sake of my apparently fragile body, however, next time I think I’ll just head down a day early instead.

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Late Afternoon in Osaka


Recently, I bought myself a camera. I’ve always enjoyed photography, and with it currently playing a large part in my work, I figured that now was a better time than ever to take the plunge and invest in a full-frame DSLR. During a recent trip to Osaka, I found myself with a little time to kill, so naturally I took the opportunity to take my new partner-in-crime for a bit of a test drive.

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